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Many, many small things can be done to remove unnecessary barriers to traffic flow

Remove/retime traffic lights; remove/re-sign pedestrian crosswalks; create turning lanes; intelligent traffic engineering/education

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Traffic lights: remove unecessary lights (e.g., 360 and office park entrance near Greenbelt entrance; 5th and Pressler, on and on); smart lights programmed to change consistent with then-present traffic flow (e.g., not on timers); right and left turn green/blinking yellow turn arrows; use of stanchions on turn lanes to keep flow moving; use of blinking staged lights at stoplights (like in other countries - provides better notice of light changing); stop adding more traffic signals!!(e.g., Bee Cave road; any new development shouldn't be promised a traffic light a the entrance - that should be a risk/livability issue the develop must solve) Pedestrian crosswalks: the signage and lights used at pedestrian crosswalks are incredibly confusing to drivers - the instructions are confusing - cars stay stopped when nobody in crosswalk; plus, most crosswalks are within 1/4 mile of an intersection with a crosswalk! Change signage and remove redundant crosswalks. Traffic engineering/education: streets and flow pathways are not optimized (e.g., adding right turn lanes, center turning lanes; bus pull-ins, etc., etc.); drivers are generally poorly educated - They don't use blinkers. They don't pass left/move right. They don't maintain a minimum speed. The city should contribute to driver education with slogans, reminders, etc. Overall, "innovation" on a big scale isn't going to work as well as many small "innovations" and tweaks to optimize traffic flow and efficiency.

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The city transportation department needs an office where people can send suggestions about specific areas and ideas for improvement. The staff of this office would take in all of these ideas from the public and look into the viability of making the changes suggested.