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Making it Work to get to Work

I think my current commute would be a model for multi-modal commuting, but I gotta admit it's hard, especially during the summer.

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I sold my car 10 months ago due to the stress of traffic and high expenses for upkeep, gas, car payments and insurance. Now I commute by a combination of bicycle and bus--mostly using our trail system to get around from my home south of Town Lake to a bus that runs hourly. I attach my bike to the bus and travel the rest of the way to work off of 2222 & Mopac (Balcones & Northland Dr.). I enjoy most of my trip along the lake, but I arrive at the bus a little sweaty. The bus only comes hourly so I am always stressed to make it at the right time or risk being late to work. The bus trip is pleasant since it has A/C and goes along a relatively straight path. All in all I am still happy I sold my car to save money for the things that I appreciate more in life. I get good daily exercise and feel like I'm contributing to the common good. I do wish there were more pedestrian/transit-only connectors across Town Lake. I also wish that our city invested more in a canopy system near pedestrian routes to make everyone's trips to public transit easier. I also am worried about someone stealing my bike if I need to pop in a store along my route. I'm considering my next investment to be an electric bike since it is a relatively affordable option. Many trails ban the use of e-bikes though and really we don't have an infrastructure that could handle and be safe for small mobility vehicles (e-bikes, mopeds, etc.) to travel. I really wish we had a designated infrastructure for those.

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