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Longer Commute Times Cutting into Sleep

Longer commute times by car and transit due to traffic are causing some of us to wake up earlier, which means less sleep in some cases!

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In regards to healthy living, I think that longer commute times are cutting into time for sleep. I used to be able to complete my bus ride to work in under 30 minutes. Now, it is closer to 45 minutes, which means I have to wake up earlier to catch an earlier bus. Going to sleep earlier isn't really an option, so this leads to less sleep (which isn't healthy) and I think lower productivity at work. I think that residences closer to downtown are more healthy, as they have more access to parks and recreation opportunities, fresher foods at the higher-end restaurants, and are closer to prestigious medical centers and more healthcare providers.


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Hi Justin,
This is very valuable insight. Thank you for sharing. I'd really like to hear more about your transportation experiences in Austin and the experiences of other members of the community as things move along here during the various phases in the competition. Thanks again!

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