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Logistic Linking

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Earlier this year Capital City Innovation convened stakeholders who cared about transportation and patient access. This included non-profits, startups, clinics, and other organizations. From this, we had a few findings that can contribute to this challenge. One key takeaway after talking to these various organizations was the need for streamlined or better linked logistical processes. Whether it’s ride-sharing, scheduling, or communicating about a service there is a need to better streamline and link logistics for patients/residents and providers, especially if different organizations or businesses own different pieces of the process. Having organizational transparency and visuals on these processes make it easier to communicate to those providing the services and those receiving them.


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Hey Vickie! Thank you for your continual contributions to the Challenge!

I think you bring up great points. What kind of visions do you have that could bring these entities together. And who do you see running point on this endeavor? This is a valuable insight, thank you, please feel free to share more as it comes to you or you think of it!

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Hello, Ahmad.

Here are some things that might help and answer some of your questions:
- re: vision - it depends on which direction the pilot takes. A shared and signed on charter of some sort might help to keep folks with some stake in the pilot stay together on a vision that is periodically revisited.

- Having support, representation, or facilitation from the City (maybe even Travis County or Central Health specifically) could help keep the vision tied to larger cities goals.

- A governance model that is clearly posted and points of contact with email for each organization that is involved would help track organizational responsibility. At the least, a list of partners with points of contacts would help. This now unmaintained tool by the City of Austin has some nice features that illustrate some info that is helpful for residents to understand projects (

- A one-pager that clearly outlines the project point of contacts and overview would help with communication across organizations and the community

Keeping these documents front and center would help:

Sorry, this feels a little disjointed but we've heard a lot from the folks we've previously engaged!