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Limit Working Hours With Permits

Require companies that have over "x" amount of employees to apply for and be issued permits for each time slot an employee works.

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The city would limit how many drivers are on the road by limiting the percentage of employees that could work during each time slot. A designated number of permits would be allowed for 7-4, 8-5, 9-5 and so on. Certain types of industries such as construction where work really needs to happen during daytime hours could be exempted. What would be interesting would be to count a census of cars that are NOT driving to work first to see how many permits should be issued for each time slot. Would it be possible to ask all companies/most companies to have their employees stay home/work from home and request that citizens that do not normally drive to stay home if at all possible while traffic on our major roads is counted? I can see it now, Happy Traffic Census Day!


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Working from home could be incorporated to the permit system. Workers who work from home all the time would require no permit. Permits could be split into "part-time" commute permits and "full-time" commute permits which could help designate which days of the week part-time commuters are driving so they are not all on the road on the same day/time.

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