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Light Rail in South Austin + Surrounding Cities

Building a light rail/train system on the south side could reduce I-35 traffic heading into Austin from Buda and Kyle.

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South Austin, Buda, and Kyle are only going to continue expanding as more residents move to the area. The city should make preparations NOW for this future expansion because it will be less expensive now rather than later. This could include securing land for stations, parking garages, right-of-ways, etc. The city should run the trains in the median of the highways to bring attention to alternative transportation methods when drivers are stuck in traffic jams and to make use of existing travel corridors. The project could be funded in part by making I-35 from Riverside to Airport Blvd a toll road. The toll could be a small amount that applies per vehicle PER DAY - not per use because the highway is already existing. This will further push people to a train system because the cost of toll plus lost commuting time could offset the cost of a train pass. Developing a coordinated train/light rail plan with surrounding cities like Buda and Kyle could allow Austin to petition the State for transportation funds. A train system will be a step in the right direction for Austin because it: A) addresses our congestion issues, B) allows for expansion to surrounding areas which can 'future-proof' our transportation options by providing another vector of travel, C) is safer for the public by reducing vehicles, pollution, and commuting time, and D) positions the city to dictate future growth instead of always needing to react to growth. Please seriously consider this option.


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