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Less cars = Less traffic

We need HOV lanes, not more tolls

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When the MOPAC toll was going in everyone talked about reducing traffic by reducing the number of cars on the road. It seemed like a great idea. However with the variable rate on the toll, very few people take it. Instead the remains lanes stay as crowded as ever. People need an incentive that will save them money- not cost more. If we change some of the tolls, MOPAC & others to be HOV lanes during peak times I believe people will respond. People will see reason to carpool to get into the faster lanes. When people start carpooling there will be LESS cars on the roads. We can still have the lane as tolls during other times, but we need real incentive to get people to carpool. Carpooling WILL happen if we have HOV lanes. Amy Austinites are CA transfers. When in CA I saw how great the HOV lanes were first hand. They really could be a simple solution to our traffic challenges.

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I love the idea of HOV lanes. Houston's Contraflow lanes on the highway to ease traffic during peak times seem a great use of space too.