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Innovative management of collective cars at affordable prices

A door-to-door structure offering high service quality at low fares exploring car seating capacity while keeping idle vehicles busy

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For any area independently of its size mobility is closely related to accessibility. Public transportation (e.g. bus, train, metro) proposes fixed itineraries associated with predefined timetables varying within the time table and season of the year. Hence reduced services are proposed within different times of the day, week and year. Frequently poor quality of service is associated as travel conditions and trip durations make journeys tiring and consequently adequate for a daily use. Such conditions encourage commuters to make use of individual vehicles ( private cars or taxis) in order to ensure comfort and convenience contributing to the well known consequences of increased expenses, congestions, space and fuel consumption. Despite the considered measures involving HOV lanes, existence of numerous applications encouraging car sharing and pooling the situation remains difficult to be handled. Al the suggested schemes are involves with limited adjustability. Plan variations and other emergencies are difficult to be handled all limiting the user ability to move whenever it is desired. Based on this principle a smart collective car service proposing high quality of service at reduced costs could be a challenging alternative to individual cars and the currently poor services offered by public transportation. They system will be associated with optimized itineraries based on the current vehicle state and traffic conditions while respecting passenger

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Hi I'm a facilitator here! Thank you for your post Jennie!

The Challenge is now in its Propose phase! If you have an app idea you can now submit it, the app that is selected will win $100,000! There is also a networking event coming up at The Capitol Factory from 6:00 to 8:00! Hope to see you there!