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I-35 Redesign

To relieve congestion on I-35 from 51st St to Ladybird Lake

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Instead of redesigning and rebuilding this section of highway, both upper and lower section of road in each direction would not have entrance/exit ramps...only an extended entrance and exit at the ends of that section (51st St to Cesar Chavez) to allow traffic to safely merge on or off. Remove most of the overpasses at cross streets with the exception of 32nd street where St Davids is. Remove the lights at those access rds where the bridge was removed to keep access road traffic moving, with dedicated right turn lane at those intersecting roads. Intersecting roads can only turn right. to follow access road to either continue same direction and merge on interstate or u-turn at next available crossover bridge. At bridges (like 32nd St.), lights will have sensors to allow emergency vehicles to pass thru with minimal delay. Create elevated pedestrian crosswalks to allow pedestrian traffic to cross over I-35. You basically have 7 lanes of traffic in each direction, with 4 of those uninterruped from Cesar Chavez to 51st St. The money saved from not having to do a complete overhaul of this section could then be used to reconfigure and upgrade feeder streets in the area to handle the overflow from having fewer exits from I-35.


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