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Hovering vehicle shift.

Max speed limit cars that transfer the torque to travel better by enhancements in the way we get to work/school or travelling cross-country.

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A new wave of hovering cars that only go that States speed limits. And are even further designed to eliminate crashes. With sleek fun designs to travel over all surfaces. Driven like mini warp ships of the future.

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Faster from A to B.


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My personal transportation is limited to my Dad, Lagistacare for local appointments. All others tasks have to be done on my tricycle. It doesn't have the right shape or gears for 3+ hour travel. Do to my disability I'm waiting on a verdict on my pending case. When i win I will use those funds to craft a prototype, of the one design. If i am choosen for this event. I will use my funds for a website to provide rentals. As well as begin additional units. To date i have not seen one commercial show a 300lb or big man try to get in vehicles like the RAHT Racer or Electronic Elf. Nor, have i seen any wheelchair assisted vehicles allow them the option to strengthen their legs. My hobbies are wood crafting and design. As well as desiring to be advantageous and alive. Despite my physical limits, i have to grab counters and use walls. Except when i have my wheeled walker. If you want more info please ask for additional. I try to cover all topics that were asked.

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