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Highly varied trips around town

Description of my trips bringing the kids across town to varied destinations multiple times weekly

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I am a grandfather of 4 granddaughters, & multiple times a week drive 16 miles one way from north central Austin to east Austin, most of which on an interstate highway, I35, that takes an inordinate amount of time. By one calculation it takes me 190% of the time it would take if there was little to no traffic...or if there were adequate highways provided. Multiply my trip by 4 per day, times 3 to 4 times a week. For a variety of trips that can't be covered by the parents, to schools, doctor appointments, work for the teenagers, sports and other activities. A lot of wasted time, fuel, cost, & harm to the quality of our environment; almost two times more than it should have been. My trips are too varied in time of day, destination, & number of occupants to be covered by standard mass transportation or by work at home or typical ride to work sharing systems. I grew up in New York City & took public transportation, 1 bus & 2 subways, to high school (only 1 city bus & a long walk to grade school), so I am open to good, comprehensive mass transportation. I'd also like it to be safe and pleasant (give me WiFi too). We must bite the bullet (with patience, time & taxes) to build mass transportation & modern intelligent highways. How can you help me with my grand kids' trips? A 1st step: Ride hailing might help, but it still has to deal with poor traffic & road systems, & we can't trust such systems today with our children. Provide child friendly & safe ride hailing services!

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Provide child & family friendly & safe & affordable ride hailing services.


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