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Highlighting current infrastructure that are under utilized and public awareness.

Amtrak, the toll road, work from home options are being under utilized and would alleviate the burdensome traffic situation.

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My solution requires no new roads or other construction. Many resources are not being utilized by citizens who are not aware of them. For example there is an Amtrak train that runs to Austin in the morning everyday and back to San Marcos in the morning. How many people utilize this route as a daily commuter? This and other helpful Amtrak routes could be sold at a discount for frequent travelers and daily commuters. My next solution would be to allow 18 wheeler traffic to utilize the toll roads for free during rush hour times that are passing through the city. Let them travel around the city of Austin instead of through it causing unneeded traffic jams. Lastly incentivize public ad private employers to create more work from home options. Technology allows this for more and more people to take advantage of but many employers are not utilizing it and it making more unnecessary traffic. How much is it worth to the city of Austin if 20K people worked from home instead of driving to work everyday? These are my solutions. Create discounts and awareness for Amtrak routes, free tolls during rush hour for big rigs and incentivize work from home.

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Amtrack? I've lived here all my life and had no idea.