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Healthier driving

Redigned cars with more focus on the driver. And if there are passengers or they are alone.

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A car designed with both a electric and cycling system connected to the drivetrain. Allowing for healthier commuting, reduced accidents, and less tickets for bad driving. Also a system that requires your registered liscence be scaned and be trans mitted to DMV and the Police to ensure better safety for everyone.

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Hello Robert P Tweed thanks for participating in so many of our Challenges. I'm Alex, part of the facilitation team for the City:One Challenges. This seems like quite the intricate concept and I'm curious if there are any other systems like this in place or visual examples of this in action?

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Hello again Alex, i had replied to you last year. I'm glad to talk with you again. No car that im aware of has ever combined an 2 electric motors connected to a cyclist system. That can be hidden when not in use.