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Groceries for a large, young family

We need to ensure the cities of the future meet the mobility needs of different size households.

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We homeschool our five children. The children are too young to be left at home by themselves. Going grocery shopping, going to church, or really going anywhere involves six or seven people in a vehicle of at least minivan size. We fill up the van with groceries at least once weekly... I mean FULL of people + carseats + groceries. There is no way we could do this practically with rideshare as it currently exists or mass transit. Can you imagine a parent trying to wrangle five young children plus an overflowing cartful of groceries on a bus? And we cannot afford a trustworthy babysitter for five young children every time my wife goes shopping (while I work long hours). I worry that when people plan cities/mobility for the future they are not thinking about families like ours... If families don't continue to use our own private vehicle then we will need a different solution tailored to us, much like the public restrooms designed for families to use together which are a GODSEND. Thank you for listening.


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Thanks to everyone doing this important work, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

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