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Ford finally fixing the problem they created over 100 years ago.

Eliminate American dependence on automobile.

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Japanese bullet train and comprehensive bus system. Eliminate unnecessary lanes and use the space for pedestrian and bike lanes. Downtown cable car, I kid you not. Cars were developed in the US’s early history and as a result we built an entire nation around and dependent on their use. The blame fall on Ford for the popularization of the affordable automobile by mass producing them. Things like highways, parking lots, and drive-thru are entirely unnecessary parts of our world and we’re built to accommodate automobiles. If we were not reliant on cars, cities would be 60% smaller in size, making walking, biking, and public transport entirely feasible.

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Demolish the highway


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I love it. Park and Rides are also great solutions to those living outside the city limits, and the Ride Carts seem to be taking off. If we're successful in implementing railways between major cities, it'll make an even bigger difference.

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