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Flexible schedule

Encourage corporations to have flexible work hours and days.

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I am one of the lucky ones. We came from the Bay area, so my husband and I would joke about people complaining about traffic. We choose to live south even though most tech jobs are north because we liked the neighborhood better and I was completely remote at the time. After some time, I got a job downtown, which wasn't too bad. But once I got a job on Braker Lane, I understood what made everyone complain about Austin traffic. But like I said, I'm lucky. I was about to adjust my schedule to avoid most of it while also catching breathtaking sunrises over Austin. My company is global. I work with teams in the Czech Republic, so going in early to have more overlap with them in my work day is very useful. My husband does school drop offs for my daughter so I can sneak out early in the morning. There is still some traffic but not much, and it's predictable. Also, I am able to work from home consistently on Fridays and sometimes other days as well, depending on the schedule. Having that flexibility gives me a higher quality of life. I'm able to do a load of laundry or put dinner in the Crock-Pot in between my meetings and I save on commute time! We need to incentivize companies to allow their employees to work shifted hours and remotely at least part time. This would go a great deal towards alleviating traffic.


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