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Enterprise Centers

A secure network of Enterprise Centers could create economies of scale and 'localize' enough jobs to systematical improve traffic congestion

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Emerging technology development provides us opportunities to address the above congestion problems. Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and census dataset, we will develop different mapping tools that can identify the locations of major employers and clusters of where knowledge workers reside. Using this visualized mapping tool, urban planners can better recognize when networked Enterprise Centers may offer a unique and timely solution to support commuting workers and offer employers an integrated networked office solution. After identified the potential working clusters, the second stop is actually developing several distributed job centers to prove the concept. The technological advancements in information and communications technologies i.e. network, unified communications, virtual presence and augmented reality technologies are capable of creating a ‘near proximate’ workplace experience across miles. The social science aspects of how organizations will adapt to these disruptive technologies while dealing with growing congestion and its impact on employees is what we seek to learn. This idea creates opportunities to research the role of multi-location metropolitan facilities and the potential of these collaborative, interactive and immersive technologies to reduce the cost of access for employees and to give employers the ability to hire from a broader potential workforce including part-time working parents and students as well as those with disabilities.


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Great idea!

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John, I'll work to complete this but am certainly open to feedback and contributions.

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Hi I'm a facilitator here! Thank you for your contribution to the Explore phase Michael!

Have some good news.

The Challenge is now in its Propose phase! If you have an app idea you can now submit it, the app that is selected will win $100,000! There is also a networking event coming up at The Capitol Factory from 6:00 to 8:00! Hope to see you there!