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East versus West

Separating the mentality of East and West

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Enhancing East Austin and trying to figure out what is needed is a difficult task. However, if one is to look at West Austin (West of IH35) and see what is offered in that part of town, the blueprint in creating what is needed to enhance East Austin is easily seen. The models and concepts seen on the west side can be duplicated on the east side. This especially true with the parks and Zilker park is a good example. The visual aesthetics of the west side make tourists and Austinites appreciate what Austin has to offer and it should also include the east side as well.

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Hey Micheal, I'm a facilitator with City:One.

Thank you for your multiple contributions to the Explore stage of the challenge, every contribution helps us to further understand the complexities that surround mobility in

Do you feel that improving these areas increases exposure and the likelihood of choosing alternative forms of transportation, and foot traffic? Tell us more about what changes to East Austin you would like to see and what you feel will promote these mobility changes.