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Divert commercial vehicles to utilize tolls at zero cost

Just an idea to help divert large commercial vehicles to use the toll roads to reduce space on I35, 183, Mopac, etc.

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I35 through Austin is extremely congested during rush hours (7 am-10 am & 3 pm - 7 pm). As a professional commercial driver, business owner and citizen of Austin I feel a big first step is to divert commercial vehicles to the tolls and as a perk to get more of these heavy tractors off I35 through Austin city limits is to allow the tolls to be at zero cost for minimum of 6 months while working on getting new upper or underground roads through and around Austin. A loop around Austin alone would help ease the traffic, however this will take many years of planning and construction.


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Agreed. That was the idea behind SH130 but it unfortunately hasn’t worked out that way. It seems instead that commuters take the Outerloop to avoid traffic downtown. Pretty much the opposite of what was intended…

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If a trucker pays a toll or gets a ticket, it's out of his own pocket. If they are on the clock in traffic, and they get paid hourly, it's just more hours. Self driving trucks that drive during off hours in slipstream convoys at lower speeds are going to be the solution.

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