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Distracting while driving and how ai can approve that

To have a I stop us from being distracted while driving by installing special traffic cameras

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Over the past one or two years a law was put in Austin for no driver is able to use a cellphone while they're operating any machine under any circumstances but that does not make people worried because people have dozens of techniques to figure ouch you prevent from the police seeing them using the cell phone so what if we use technology for it to detect if a person is distracted that's what my idea comes in if we use a special AI chip called Nvidia Jetson and program it to use the regular traffic cameras for it to be able to detect any emotion from the body language if they are distracted or not if the person is distracted they will report to the Austin Police Department with the VIN number and the vehicle and to find a person before it causes any harm and damage if the person is not found they will be issued a ticket for cell phone use while driving from the information will be received and with them for it to refusing to pay for the ticket they will mean that more people will start to focus more on the road than it is on their phone and I could honestly reduce any kind of distraction because the person should be focusing on the road 100% of the time


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Thank you Takumi Nightcore for your contribution to the Explore phase of the City:One Challenge Austin.

This is a great idea for improving the safety of current transportation. Do you have more recommendations for reducing distractions while driving. Would love to keep this conversation going. Thanks!

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