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Disappointing Travels on the Mopac Express Lane

After waiting years! to use the newly constructed toll road to reduce my commute time, I can't believe how bad it is.

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The Mopac Express Lane is essentially useless. Design flaws and uninformed motorists thwart the promise of shorted commute to downtown. The primary problem is that intermittent congestion IN the toll lane prevents a reduced commute time. The northbound onramp from Cesar Chavez is poorly designed and traffic comes to a stop as vehicles merge with traffic already in the toll lane. For reasons that are not apparent to me, traffic in the toll lane consistently slows from normal pace at two points along the route north. Perhaps the reason is that traveling at 65mph alongside standstill traffic in the regular lanes is "unsettling" for some drivers and consequently, they slow down cause traffic to back-up behind them. Everyday, dozens of drivers are delayed by this. Frequently, the traffic in the express lanes is slower than the regular lanes. It makes me angry that I paid $10 to use the express lane to not save any time. But I have no way to knowing when I get on the express whether traffic in the lane is slower than the regular lanes. Recommendations: 1) On the sign that shows the toll cost before you express entrance ramp, add a counter that shows the current "travel time" so motorists can see if its worth the cost. Enforce minimum speed limits for use of the lanes and/or provide additional barriers to make drivers feel a safer separation between toll and regular.


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