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Digital Literacy & Access

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Earlier this year Capital City Innovation convened stakeholders who cared about transportation and patient access. This included non-profits, startups, clinics, and other organizations. From this we had a few findings that can contribute to this challenge. One key takeaway after talking to these various organizations was the need to understand and account for population digital literacy and access for any solution to work. No matter the solution, resident technology access, and digital literacy are important factors and considerations, especially if we want to work with marginalized populations. Languages such as Spanish should also be accommodated for early on.


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Hey again Vickie! Facilitator here. Your contributions to the challenge are incredibly valued.

Do you know of any programs currently teaching digital literacy? What digital skills do you feel offer the most benefit to marginalized communities within Austin?

Thank you!

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Hello, Ahmad.

Here are some resources I'm currently aware of in Austin:
Austin Free Net

Digital Empowerment Community of Austin

And I also feel the iteams from the Innovation Office of the City of Austin would have good insight based on their work with people experiencing homelessness:

I can't say exactly what skills would offer the most benefit but I do feel learning directly from community members that might look and/or think like them or have a shared language would probably be most comfortable.