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Data Centralization & Standardization

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Earlier this year Capital City Innovation convened stakeholders who cared about transportation and patient access. This included non-profits, startups, clinics, and other organizations. From this we had a few findings that can contribute to this challenge. One key takeaway after talking to these various organizations was the need for data centralization and standardization for any solution to work. A shared understanding of the pilot population and impact will be needed to determine and measure project efficacy. Legal and practical advice might be desired around data sharing. Residents should be able to understand, control, and access their data if desired or have access to data created from the pilot project for their own research and understanding.

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Hey again Vickie! Facilitator here with the challenge! Inviting you to elaborate on this subject.

What are some of the benefits you associate with the transparency and sharing of data and citizen information? What are some of the misconceptions some might have around their data usage? What ideas do you have for data utilization programs?

Thank you!