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Creeks: Underused Urban Trails

Several creeks wind their way through East Austin. Let's make a system of trails alongside them! Safe, beautiful creek pathways for people.

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Ideally, the trails alongside our creeks would interconnect with other trails, parks, churches and schools, expanding the destinations within pleasant walking distance. Scenic views, signs with ecological information, bike repair stations, picnic benches, and of course paths for walking with family or pets, jogging and other ways of enjoyable, active transportation could characterize an East Austin that embraces and maintains its natural and built waterways. In and near Downtown Austin, Shoal Creek and Waller Creek have shown the value of improving access alongside natural waterways. East Austin doesn't currently enjoy the same name recognition of its creeks, but taking the opportunity to improve these areas would be smart, healthy, and the right thing to do. Improving East Austin creeks would return a very high value, in many ways, for minimal investment.


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a million times yes! Have you been on the boggy creek trail? The part that intersects Pedernales would just be so great to instead of leading to the street it keeps going along the creek.

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