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Computerize traffic signals

Computerize traffic signals

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The city of Austin, like most cities pay lip service to reducing traffic but never make even a feeble attempt at synchronizing traffic lights. The proximity triggered lights are the worst during heavy traffic times. The sensors are already in the ground, use existing technology to "weigh" thru streets and cross streets and change according to demand. Here is an example of how screwed up the signals are here, I drive to work very early, 5:00am. I exit I35 onto MLK and go westbound on MLK. You cannot go across Red River, Trinity and San Jacinto without hitting at least 1-2 red lights and you stop for NO ONE. Why are these lights changing with no demand? How many times are you forced to stop for a red light when someone approaches on a cross street, stops, looks and turns right and the signal changes for them and they are long gone? Compared to building roads and adding mass transit, this is cheap, low hanging fruit.

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