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Community Emergency Sponsor's For Adult Care And Disabled.

Create Coummunity Emergency Sponsorship program's which ensure "Adult Care, Nursing Home, Homeless Shelters Clients" are accounted.

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Create emergency response teams in communitys that focus on nursing homes, adult care, homeless shelters. Define rolls for interagency's. Improve Coummunity Overall Emergency Resources, Ability's, Knowledge and Awareness. Define Federal Fema, State, Local and Community rolls. Create Relationships, Trust, Emergency Locations, Directional Signs for Impaired.

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Thank you for this contribution Micheal! I'm a facilitator here!

Have seen your other post on improving the mobility/effectiveness of emergency responders. Can you tell me why this a particular concern in your own life? As the explore phase is about gathering information from the community on what their mobility is like today, we would love to hear more!