Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

City-wide forums of adults not now riding CapMetro (those who think personal transportation is near the top of their "Hierarchy of Needs")

Five ideas to entice them to include CapMetro in their daily trip planning.half-day "ideation" sessions of auto lovers to collect

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The ideation sessions would have a presentation of the hard problems that I've identified from 6 months of being a dedicated CapMetro rider like the ones above who in January had to give up ever being a regular driver again. Other contributions from CapMetro's thinkers would be incorporated. After years of developing and using an information/insights/idea gathering process based on the principals of avoiding the "idea bully", encouraging collaboration, and levering diversity, I think this would be a great process for identifying innovations for a CapMetro based overhaul that would address the future assuring much-needed sustainability, scalability, and survaviability of CapMetro as a cost-effective asset for implementing a more mobile Austin. Each session would start off with a short presentation on the hard problems facing mass transit in large, new cities. The group would generate ideas with time to come up with disruptive ones. The ideas are logged for the group to score using personal, societal, and business potential metrics. A discussion would follow focusing on key issues. The geo-clustered panels are formed from current non-riders from middle-class neighborhoods known for their insights into their neighbors, their out-of-the-box thinking, and being clear thinkers. Besides chartering a new market - the car owner wishing to change to a new transportation mode, this design approach is a cost-effective approach to other hard problem areas in other Smart City areas.

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Don't have it. Need it. Have an idea for a 4th Age approach to the current CapMetro app and 2 more

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Bill Kleinebecker , you bring up some really interesting ideas. Facilitating here, would like to thank you for your participation. As the journey to the propose phase continues, we would like to invite you to engage with other participants to continue this conversation.