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City of Coral Gables Case Studies

Smart City Case Studies and Ideas for Mobility

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We would like to congratulate City of Austin for its City:One Mobility Challenge, and share some resources and information about smart city mobility case studies from our own City: Coral Gables, FL. Please find attached the City of Coral Gables I.T. Strategic Plan, and our smart city engineering poster, where you will see some of the smart technologies that are helping our City address the challenges in mobility, transportation, parking, and other areas. Some of these technologies are: Internet of Things traffic sensors, data analytics, AI & ML predictive analytics, computer vision, CCTV/ALPR, Community Intelligence Center, smart parking apps, public transportation apps, fleet management and tracking, LiDAR 360 right-of-way road asset inventory digitization, multi-modal transportation technologies, situational awareness dashboards, GIS apps, etc. I also attached a video about the Coral Gables smart city solutions competition, which we held in collaboration with the University of Miami to address challenges in transportation and safety; please check out solution proposals that won. We will soon share additional information, such as the City's multi-modal transportation plan. Also, in the Coral Gables Smart City Hub public platform, you can see some of the IoT live traffic sensors, mobility apps, data dashboards, and other smart city technologies that improve mobility in our City here : Best Regards, Raimundo (City of Coral Gables)

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