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Central to South Austin Commute

improve N/S highway traffic

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I travel from central Austin (North University) south to Oak Hill. 25min ~8:30 AM. North 35 at 4:30 to 6:30 PM is impossible for the trip back. MoPac is the only option. That can be 40-45 min at rush hour. it is not a horrible commute. But for those coming from Round Rock in the AM or North 35 anytime it is a mess. Texas should acquire HWY 130 and merge with HWY 21 at San Marcos. Then beef up both and skirt downtown Austin; intersecting HWY 35 north of Georgetown. Current 35 can then be turned into a business loop with lower speed limit or non resident tolls / or electric only route. It will reduce the diesel particulate pollution in the city center. Remove the central elevated freeway then cut and cover 35 to merge East and West Sides of Austin (use the frontage roads for through traffic during the cut and cover work). You could also repurpose a few of the 35 cut and Cover lanes as a future high speed rail route / and central station for a Dallas to San Antonio route and/or add a both high speed and freight tracks then repurpose the downtown / west side freight line for Austin metro rail - or add lanes to MoPac. New HWY 130/35 would improve growth and development for far east Austin and the Eastern communities.

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