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Buy time for a real solution by re-striping over-used sections of I35 to add another lane

Trade off shoulders for another lane to relieve congestion

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Highway shoulders are good to have for safety where there is room. There is no room on the downtown Austin section of I35 because there are simply too many cars going through there. The current congestion is much more unsafe than a short section of the highway with a lack of a shoulder. By re-striping it looks like one could add a fourth lane each direction for the parts that are almost always congested. Signs could be added that say "no shoulder" and also to pull to the right for emergency vehicles. More HERO truck patrols could be added to protect disabled vehicles. Lights that would indicate a closed lane would help as well. This would ease the pain of driving I35 until a real long-term solution (which would be years away) could be implemented

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Four lanes better/safer than three (plus shoulder) in worst congested part of I35.


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