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Build a metro system

A metro system underground along existing corridors of traffic with the addition of East to West transport would be revolutionary & overdue.

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My contribution is threefold: (1.) Use the network of busses in the downtown area already to facilitate the immediate needs for rapid transport in the urban areas and have downtown busses that go from a parking structures located next to the highways (similar to a park and ride) BEFORE traffic becomes too chaotic to park with free busses to designated downtown location to relieve congestion on the highways. Then use expanse of existing tunnels underground under downtown and around UT to begin making a subway/metro system for the downtown area. (2.) Begin construction of a metro system for the Austin area under existing major thoroughfares such as 183, MOPAC, I-35 as well as Ben White, Parmer, Braker, Slaughter, Manchaca, and HWY290. East/West highways that support the traffic load today do no exist and should be in progress. Those are long overdue and the fact they have not begun ideas for construction on that is insulting to the collective intelligence of Austin. (3.) Make the toll road free for bypass traffic (Civilian and 18-wheelers). If vehicles enter on the toll and exit at the last stop of the toll road, make it no charge, otherwise levee a charge for exiting the toll in Austin. This toll road was supposed to alleviate traffic and commute times but it had not. (P.S. (4.)) Create safety bollards to discourage vehicles from entry at the last second, thereby impeding the "flow of traffic." Driving is a privilege and should be considered as such.


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Thomas, I think you might like and comment on the idea I just posted (on September 4, just before 11 a.m.). It builds the CapMetro ridership to justify your vision. More importantly, it creates a community of riders - the small-business person - that would depend on the system for their livelihood and become a strong political influence on making your idea happen.

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