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Build a CapMetro Rail from Airport to Downtown and set up offsite pickup west of Airport

Uber, Lyft, and taxi traffic heading to Airport can be reduced with rail line and/or alternate pick up offsite.

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There needs to be an alternative route to get to the Airport from Downtown and Northeast Locations. A rail line from the Airport to an offsite ride share lot that would continue into downtown would eliminate ride share traffic on 71, 183 South, 7th street, Airport Rd. etc. The proliferation of ride share, taxi, shuttle and personal traffic between the Airport and Downtown is causing backups in these east west routes. A commuter rail/ride-share stop could be set up offsite. Travelers could ride the rail line to an offsite pickup location or continue to downtown. Once downtown they then could take a pedicab, electric cart, ride share, etc on the final leg to an area hotel. Downtown hotels could set up shuttle services similar to parking lot shuttles at the Airport to ferry travelers back and forth to the rail station.

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Austin is way overdue for this! With a rail line from the airport and a nearby park-and-ride and you've eliminated the congestion problems for 1/2 of East Travis County.