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Bring Back 4 Lane Roads that have been replaced with 2 lane roads

Back in 2012, most of the Austin surface roads were 4 lanes. Now they have nearly all been reduced to 2 lanes with center turn lanes.

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Back in 2012, many of Austin's formerly 4 lane roads were reduced to 2 lanes with a center turn strip. Not only has this reduced throughput by 50%, but the bus stops were also left in their original positions, so now you have a hazard where buses are blocking intersections as cars are forced to pass a bus in the center turn lane while the bus stops for passengers or to take a break. Please revert all the lanes back to 4 lanes. These roads were designed as 4 lane roads by the original engineers for their capacity, so having reduced them in spite of more use is a blunder that must be undone in order to get back to the capacity they used to handle. These backups are causing air quality issues in neighborhood areas that used not to have these problems. Dedicated turn lanes with signals cause unneeded light cycles that used not to exist prior to 2012.

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I'm a facilitator here and I want to thank you again for another amazing contribution!

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