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biking around austin

my main mode of transportation around the city is by cycling. i have grown up here, and have learned how to get around (for the most part)

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although austin is presented as a very welcoming and bike-friendly city, a lot of the bike lanes that the city government has added around town are on ridiculously busy streets. and, as our traffic problem increases alongside our population, people become more and more frustrated at vulnerable commuters. i see so often cars running stop signs to yell at cyclists, cars yelling at bikers to slow down, and drivers simply not paying attention and coming very close to injuring and possibly killing a fellow person on the road. i think as austin continues to grow, there is a lot to consider in terms of affordable transportation, and environmentally friendly transportation. biking is one of the most accessible and genuine modes of commuting, and in order for us to encourage each other to ride instead of drive, we need to make it safer for everyone on the road. there are already some implemented means to aid austin’s bike access development, but informing the public on just how easy it is is just as important. i only hope that we can continue to move forward with open hearts and open minds, rather than anger and frustration toward those less fortunate than you - who has the available time and money to drive a car.

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i don’t know what this means but question everything, especially yourself

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Placing bike lanes on busy streets and separating these very different means of transit with only a painted stripe is inherently dangerous! In most major European cities, bike lanes are located next to pedestrian sidewalks where they raised up a few inches above the level of the street. This minor grade change provides just enough vertical separation to add a much higher level of safety!