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ATX Express

I would like to submit an idea for the mobility issues in Austin.

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The ATX Express An express lane created over I35 strictly for traveling through Austin, NOT stopping in Austin. Consider A very long continuous bridge over the existing I35 corridor: running the entire length of Austin metro - From Round Rock area through Austin into the Kyle area. The ATX Express Lane is not for on/off traffic, only for non-stopping through traffic on I35. The ATX Express would be 2-3 lanes each way with wide shoulders for breakdowns, with minimal on/off ramps along the way. The downtown corridor would be designed to not look like a bridge but an art-inspired road through town. The concept for this idea comes from the I45 corridor in north Austin - a series of bridges. The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge in Lousiana - a 20 mile long bridge. Bridges connect places and can do so while being ascetically pleasing to see. The city could hold a contest for best designs and art works to be featured along the ATX Express, with special artistic emphasis to the downtown area. The art work could change with the seasons or could be a permanent installation. The ATX Express. . . moving Texas through Austin quickly and efficiently!

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ATX Express

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Hi Sharon! I'm a facilitator here with the City:One Challenge Austin! Thank you for contributing!

That is a great idea, I think it addresses a serious mobility threat that we face and could help directly address the freight trucking issues we deal with! We are currently in the Explore phase of the challenge and would like to learn more about what mobility in Austin is like today. We hope to achieve this by inviting many contributors such as yourself to speak on their own challenges or joys that have to do with getting around Austin.

Can you tell me more about your challenges with mobility? What is your ideal vision for the future?