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Arriving Safely and in a Timely Manner

Use concepts in larger cities /planned communities. In the 90's there was a no growth push that created the Oakhill Y 290 traffic dump.

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Build a loop around Austin; add center turning lanes to all east/west roads and sidewalks if possible; from 51st St to Oltorf build an upper deck on IH 35 to eliminate the downtown/UT traffic; eliminate bake lanes that do not have traffic like the one at 11th Street from Red River to IH 35 that backs up downtown traffic from Guadalupe; make mandatory all condo/commercial development include sidewalks/center turn lanes, adequate parking, and xeriscaping; include I 30 for free times and loop configuration; pave all bumpy roads in Austin from over use and bus traffic; address proper use of one lane toll roads in an accident occurs in that lane; use MOPAC toll lanes for one way high traffic times; add the lane back to MOPAC southbound which was reduced to two lanes at Lake Austin Boulevard exit; and look at possibly adding multiple turn lanes at all highway intersections. Take a survey of all bike lanes created over the last few years versus the number of cars at peak traffic times and publish the results. Take a survey of bus riders on all buses at all times and see if there are possible reductions of service in low times and increased rides in peak times.


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