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An Alliance to Get Central Texas Unstuck

We are stuck - in traffic- and in the ways we meet our transportation challenges.Lets form a collaborative group to focus on all Central TX.

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The Central Texas Transportation Solution Alliance is a proposed cooperative of all interest groups who represent Roads, Rail, Bus, Pedestrians, Bikes & Emerging Transportation Technologies in Central Texas. The focus of the Alliance is to ensure collaboration among agencies and decision-makers so that the systems work cohesively to the benefit of all Central Texans. The business community, such as leaders from Dell, Ford, etc., are to be included in a long-term advisory role. One of the key functions of CTTSA is to report quarterly on how the transportation system is or is not meeting our regional goals. The first step of CTTSA is to create a comprehensive transportation system solution that includes choices and balances the needs and desire for private vehicles, alternative transportation, local and rapid transit. The work of CTTSA will follow these guiding principles: #1: THERE SHOULD BE NO LOSERS. Our transportation solutions must ensure that each method of getting us to our destinations is not degraded or compromised for the sake of others. #2: DON'T DO IT ON THE CHEAP. We all know the axiom: You get what you pay for. Investments in transportation solutions must ensure their long-term viability, and that can only be done with the necessary and and sizable financial commitment. #3: AUSTIN IS NOT AN ISLAND. A successful transportation plan can only be developed by a regional master planning group, one that considers all of our geographic/transportation needs.

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Wow Robert. Thank you for your contribution to the Explore phase of the City:One Challenge Austin. I'm one of the facilitators here.

I think this is amazing concept that addresses the problems head-on and encourages collaboration from all the entities who can enable change. The explore stage is more about finding the pain points and gathering as much information about what mobility currently looks like in Austin. Can go into more detail about what current transportation looks like in Austin and where you see the most potential?

Would love to keep this conversation going!