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Allow Motorcycle Lane Splitting ONLY During Rush Hour

As outlined in TX Senate Bill 273, motorcycle lane splitting during rush hour will help alleviate additional congestion from motorcyclists.

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This is a tough one that will require cooperation and collaboration between motorists and motorcyclists alike, but will benefit everyone in the long run. - Many motorcyclists avoid using a motorcycle to commute due to sitting in the brutal Texas heat during peak commuting hours. Instead, many motorcyclists will take a car instead, whether their own or by carpool. This will result in additional cars on the roadway. - Even if a motorcyclist decides to commute during rush hour, they are yet another vehicle waiting in line on the road. TX Senate Bill 273 emphasizes safety above all, but also the STRICT requirements to allow for motorcycle lane splitting: - "in traffic that is moving at a speed of 20 miles per hour or less." - "at a speed not more than five miles per hour greater than the speed of the other traffic." With proper education from TXDOT and open minded driving from motorists, the passing of this bill can be one step in the many required to alleviate congestion on our packed roads. More motorcyclists will be encouraged to ride their bike safely to work, and pass safely and freely while traffic is at a standstill. This will result in less vehicles waiting in line on our congested highways and less emissions polluting our atmosphere. This will also benefit riders that can avoid being cooked in the Texas sun, and a safer commute without the risk of being rear-ended while waiting in line.


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