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Allow all people to walk or bike safely

We need more sidewalks and bike lanes

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The list is endless, but there are so many pedestrian-hostile environments in Austin. Many missing sidewalks. In places where there are sidewalks, sometimes the sidewalk is up against high-speed traffic and it is very uncomfortable. Many stoplights require a person walking to press the beg button, and then drivers still turn right directly into the sidewalk, even when I have the walk signal. We need leading pedestrian signals in all intersections.

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Hi Mary Pustejovsky , thank you for participating in the explore phase.

I'm facilitating here. I see you mentioned those barriers in mobility that make it harder to access a healthy lifestyle, as well as inspiring innovation in those areas.

We have some more participants that are also addressing bike safety and sidewalks. We would like to invite you to continue this conversation with us. I'll attach a link below to a post I'm referencing.