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Airlift transportation

A system working with the Police and ICE personal to be able to move People/Resources faster. Allowing the removal of hostile personel

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Cleanly designed aircraft somewhat like in Avengers. Able to move smaller cargo up to 12,000lbs or up to 120,000 with a larger unit. Allowing the removal of hostile persons, the movement of food/water during natural disasters. And the transportation of Hospital airlifts or the effective removal of vehicles that are not equipt like my HRC units. Or even faster SWAT assistance against trouble.

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Robert P Tweed Thank you for your contribution, I'm a facilitator here!

We would like to invite you to elaborate on your idea.

How can it improve mobility in our city? How does it function to improve mobility within your personal life? How do you get around Austin? Do you have any work experience that gives you insight into how air transport can be used in some of the situations you've listed above?

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My experience is the computer design on some scale using DataCad, CadKey, and other programs to make a visual image. Removing large truck transportation, can be a priority, gettting the food/water to the store faster. Boosting freshness and available products. Secondly a AirTaxi can take to your location faster than a car. Or if you have physical deformation in your body and a smaller than normal shaped Cerebellum. That person could use the gift he does have to help the city. Remove cars from accident areas after the people are safe amd checked out. As well as be a huge tool in assisting ICE and LAW enforcement. Capture sppeders/drunks/careless driving etc. Hope that better helps you see my skill as not only an idea creator, but also the designer, working with others.

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Hey Robert, I'm also a facilitator here with City:One, airlifting cargo to grocery stores is a great idea! Can you think of other ways that can enhance the speed of cargo transport?

Thank you for following up on your contribution!

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To make transportation of thrings faster, using my enhancement on the propulsion systems. Would make it so more thrust would be able to get the units from point A to point B. There is a aircraft not for sale that has some elements of helpfulness. However this design would be exclusive to those that its computer has on file as operations. An the wiring would be behind covers. The key to them would be in the trusted hands of the wiring evaluations/Macanic. An that person would travel with the cargo. The other thing i understand, as increasing speed would be a magneticly balanced drivetrain. That is checked each touchdown. This would also increase the amount of different jobs available.