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Over the last two weeks, the City of Tomorrow Challenge team has been reviewing over 100 Grand Rapids applications looking at ways to improve how people move around the city. Take a look at the 12 semi-finalists that made it through.

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From late July through early September 2018, four community workshops were held in Pittsburgh to create awareness of The City of Tomorrow Challenge and engage community members in ideation activities related to mobility in the region. While it was apparent that our work was cut out for us, our intention was also clear: bring humanity to mobility.

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Over the last two weeks, the City of Tomorrow Challenge has been reviewing over 130 Miami-Dade applications looking at ways to improve walking, driving, bussing, biking, parking, and even flying. Take a look at the 14 semi-finalists that made it through.

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We are all on a journey. A journey for a better tomorrow where greenhouse emissions are not challenging our planet. Where traffic jams and car crashes are a thing of the past. And where lost time in traffic now becomes time for new experiences.

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Smart technology solutions are connecting citizens to their communities in new ways. They’re helping to solve problems that range from water shortages to public safety. By using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we’re helping to create cities that are safer, more efficient, and sustainable for the future. Michael Zeto | Vice President of AT&T Internet of Things and General Manager of Smart Cities

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At Spatial we have spent the last few years developing technologies that have allowed us to listen to and understand communities and their potential needs. We use the rich resource of social media, machine learning techniques, and ethnography practices to create “Geosocial Data” which allows us to understand cities and neighborhoods much faster and more comprehensively than demographic or survey data has allowed in the past.

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No two cities are the same. Therefore, there is no fixed rule to go about planning a city. A right combination of knowledgeable planners/designers supported by experienced locals with meaningful stories can positively transform a city. Community involvement in the transformation of a city also creates an effective sense of inclusivity and belonging to the city.

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A core tenet of the City of Tomorrow Challenge revolves around understanding the needs, concerns, desires, and experiences of the actual users of Pittsburgh’s mobility ecosystem (novel idea, huh?). This means talking with residents, visitors, and employees that travel around Pittsburgh, but individual anecdotes can only paint so much of the overall picture. To get a sense of larger scale trends and areas of interest, we completed an analysis of Pittsburgh’s 311 data.

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Estoy conmovido de ver el Desafío de la Ciudad del Mañana viniendo aquí a Miami-Dade. Llega en el momento perfecto, mientras buscamos formas innovadoras para mejorar la movilidad, a través del despliegue de soluciones tecnológicas que son sensibles a las necesidades de nuestra comunidad. El Desafío es un enfoque único para resolver los problemas en los que trabajamos diariamente. Nos ayudará a crear un proceso para comprender mejor el contexto de nuestros barrios, para luego encontrarle la solución de movilidad adecuada.

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I am thrilled to see the City of Tomorrow Challenge coming together here in Miami-Dade. It arrives at a perfect time as we look for innovative ways to improve mobility through the deployment of technology solutions that are sensitive to our community’s needs. The Challenge is a unique approach to solving the problems we work on daily. It will help us create a process to better understand the context of our neighborhoods to then match them with the appropriate mobility solution.

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