Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

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From late July through early September 2018, four community workshops were held in Pittsburgh to create awareness of The City of Tomorrow Challenge and engage community members in ideation activities related to mobility in the region. While it was apparent that our work was cut out for us, our intention was also clear: bring humanity to mobility.

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A core tenet of the City of Tomorrow Challenge revolves around understanding the needs, concerns, desires, and experiences of the actual users of Pittsburgh’s mobility ecosystem (novel idea, huh?). This means talking with residents, visitors, and employees that travel around Pittsburgh, but individual anecdotes can only paint so much of the overall picture. To get a sense of larger scale trends and areas of interest, we completed an analysis of Pittsburgh’s 311 data.

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I am so excited that we are joining the City of Tomorrow challenge. The challenge is a unique approach to problems that we are working on daily, like how people move around the city or how the ability to move around has an impact on life, opportunity, and happiness.

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