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Together, we can create a future where mobility is Inclusive

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As you begin to explore the City:One Challenge, also think about inclusive design solutions that help empower the aging and people with disabilities. Inclusiveness should be at the forefront of every smart city strategy.  With over 1 billion people on this planet with some form of disability, designing solutions that account for individual needs makes sense from a business and policy standpoint. For example, let’s imagine a mobility solution for planning and executing a trip across several different modes of transportation. If it doesn’t provide some form of alternative text to represent non-textual information (i.e. graphs and pictures) it might not work for someone who is blind or visually impaired. 

In our push to make technology accessible to all, AT&T is proud to be part of the Challenge, and also to have supported the development of an important new resource for Smart Cities, the Inclusive Innovation Playbook.  This tool lays out the steps that cities, their developers, and innovators can take to help ensure urban innovation prioritizes a commitment to people with disabilities by being mindful of inclusive accessibility.

When you propose your ideas to solve urban mobility issues, think about designing an idea that should be accessible for and designed for everyone, including people with disabilities.  Check out the playbook! It outlines five "plays" and related strategies that can help us bring inclusion and accessibility to urban innovation.  The first play is inherently aligned to the principles of the Challenge, as it shows how to achieve inclusive innovation through people. 

People who live in a city are fundamental elements that enable innovation to happen. People provide the important support networks, e.g. as mentors, guides, and investors, and are the testing ground for innovative products and services. Diversity among people increases the potential for innovation!

 Consider how you can embrace and improve diversity and make it your own. To turn your idea into a reality, make sure your solution has the potential to encourage diversity across the entire innovation ecosystem. By doing this, we can create exciting (and accessible!) technology solutions that benefit everybody.

Blog by Roman Smith, AT&T Director - Social Innovation/Community Investment

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Great to see AT&T been precise in supporting the cause of mobility for all, including the people with disabilities.