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Pittsburgh: Building the City of Tomorrow

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We Pittsburghers love our city, and we love our neighbors. We know our work is never done in bettering our community for everyone. We have an intense commitment to making Pittsburgh the best place it can be for all travelers: transit riders, walkers, bikers, and drivers.

I am so excited that we are joining the City of Tomorrow Challenge. The Challenge is a unique approach to solving the problems we work on daily. We strive to constantly improve how people move around the city and to understand how the ability to move around has an impact on life, opportunity, and happiness.

We know how important getting around is to the fabric of our city. Moving across town or to the next town over is what creates life in the city. Connecting people to jobs, education, and each other, mobility in Pittsburgh is a vital part of one of our city’s core values: neighborliness. Good relationships between people, neighborhoods, and communities are forged by the strength of our connections, even when they are across a bridge or over a hill. We have joined the City of Tomorrow Challenge because we believe that we can strengthen those relationships by collaborating on new ideas that address our most pressing transportation problems.

Ideas can come from anyone, no matter if they’re an engineering student or a bus driver. Innovation should be open. Having Pittsburgh residents provide their personal stories and experiences will shape this Challenge and, ultimately, the ideas that come out of it. I genuinely believe that to effect change, we must first understand the real-world experiences of the residents for which we are designing.

Our history proves that we can build anything. Our future is in front of us. We can take the best ideas from our communities, refine them, and construct the path forward. If we work together we can provide our communities increased safety, opportunity, reliability, and well maintained infrastructure. As our city transforms into the City of Tomorrow, your ideas and solutions can help strengthen what makes Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

Karina Ricks

Karina Ricks is the Director of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure  (DOMI) at the City of Pittsburgh. 

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I agree you want a city to be fun safe and a joy to get through your days. I have had an idea and dream about this very subject. Why can't we build my idea? A combination of a bicycle and car. You sit in a comfortable seat it has a roof and AC, etc. But we stop this speed driven idea that only those on the race track are legally allowed to go. We increase our hearts and bodies. While we get to work in an enjoyable design. Hope this website manager in NJ will be able to touch the lives of every age and gender, male/female by births deciding

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