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Fourteen Miami-Dade ideas make semi-finals

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Over the last two weeks, our team with the City of Tomorrow Challenge had the incredible opportunity to read and evaluate all of the applications to the Miami-Dade Challenge. We saw applications on ways to improve walking, driving, bussing, biking, parking, and even flying.

The applications were judged by a Steering Committee, which consisted of representatives from Microsoft, Dell, AT&T, Miami-Dade County DTPW, and local urban impact groups, tech hubs, academic institutions, and foundations. After their evaluations, we came together to review the highest scoring applications and discuss the results. This discussion led to the ultimate selection of Miami-Dade County’s 14 semi-finalists. With so many great ideas, this was quite a task! 

Here are Miami-Dade’s 14 semi-finalists:

Congratulations to all of the Miami-Dade semi-finalists, and thank you to all who applied and participated in the conversation! 

Don’t worry if your idea was not selected – we highly encourage you to try your chances in Grand Rapids and Pittsburgh as well! The deadlines are October 1st and 10th, respectively. 

You can still participate in the Miami-Dade Challenge by engaging the semi-finalists in the online community.   All of your applications and your comments help the County understand what ideas are out there.

Thank you all – we’re excited to continue the conversation and to see what the semi-finalists ultimately come up with! 

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Even though none of my ideas were able to make me a semi-finalist, congrats to the 15 semi-finalists who were able to get accepted by the Steering Committee and move forward towards helping out Miami-Dade County one step and idea at a time. It was a nice try on my effect but will try and think of better ideas for if there is another city of tomorrow challenge in the future.

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Lew, the Pittsburgh Challenge is open for submissions until October 10th. Please stay subscribed to the newsletter , when a new city is ready to be announced we will let all of those from the Miami-Dade challenge know about it! Thank you so much for your contribution we hope to see you in the next City of Tomorrow.

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