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Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Winners: iomob, Safe Shift, and Intersection

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Congratulations to iomob, Safe Shift, and Intersection, the winners of the City of Tomorrow: Pittsburgh Challenge! Iomob and Safe Shift will each be rewarded with $50,000 in prize money to test the implementation of their proposals in the real world. The third winner, Intersection, has requested no prize money from the City of Tomorrow Challenge, as its proposed LinkPGH program is supported through its own advertising revenue. Ruby Ride, a community-centered ridesharing service in Pittsburgh, was selected as the runner-up.

The first of the three winners is iomob, a user-friendly, open and inclusive form of “mobility as a service” aimed at addressing inefficiencies in a multi-modal but “fragmented mobility landscape.” Iomob allows end-users to discover, combine, book, and pay for the mobility services that best cover their needs at a given point of time. Iomob will be implemented as an open-source, decentralized platform that leverages blockchain to allow all mobility providers to easily join the platform. By connecting all the mobility operators in an area, iomob aims to enable users to find better combinations of services for any given trip. 

Safe Shift, meanwhile, is a team that came together as part of the Mobiliti Conference in Pittsburgh in early October. The team consists of representatives from local transportation and advocacy groups, students, and an urban mobility data and analytics company called Moovit. Safe Shift is focused on getting night shift workers to and from work safely and efficiently. By talking to local employers, the Safe Shift team identified the needs of shift workers who travel while tired and in the dark, and they plan to aid these shift workers by providing safe and reliable transit during off peak and unpredictable hours. 

Intersection has been chosen as the third winner. Intersection is a company that aims to address the connectivity gap many Pittsburgh residents face, whether it’s connectivity to the internet, local transit information, or city services. To address these needs, Intersection proposes to deploy digital kiosks, dubbed LinkPGH, which provide free high-speed public WiFi, phone calls to anywhere in the U.S., device charging, wayfinding, community messaging, and other amenities around the city.

Lastly, Ruby Ride is a subscription car service that offers unlimited local transportation for an affordable, fixed monthly price. Drivers are locals, as Ruby Ride places an emphasis on friendly, neighborly service. Customers can set up door to door rides, and they also have wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

“The people of Pittsburgh were integral to this Challenge,” said Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto. “They defined the need. Testing this in the real world, they will also help us evaluate this as a solution. We appreciate the partnership with Ford in not only thinking deeply about the challenges we face, but helping us to act quickly to find the ideas and entrepreneurs that can help address them.”

Thank you all again for participating in the Challenge. Please follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the pilots and the future announcement of the 2019 cities!

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