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Cities are For People

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“There is no logic that can be superimposed on the city; people make it and it is to them…that we must fit our plans.” – Jane Jacobs – urbanist.

No two cities are the same. Therefore, there is no fixed rule to go about planning a city. A right combination of knowledgeable planners/designers supported by experienced locals with meaningful stories can positively transform a city. Community involvement in the transformation of a city also creates an effective sense of inclusivity and belonging to the city.

“I never feel safe”- Marco*

Multiplicity of choice in cities is beneficial only when the mobility options are optimized. Assumptions about people’s choice of mobility/transportation are easy to make but, it is important to identify the direct and indirect reasoning behind each choice. These reasons are the factors that shape mobility systems of the future. Hence, people’s behaviors and cues will be valuable to solve existing mobility issues.

 “My daughter (14) walks to school because she is independent but I worry because I am scared she will be hit by a car. Here there is little respect for life and traffic laws.” – Ana*

To improve the existing conditions and to center the transportation development around people, we began by observing what they really need. Each City of Tomorrow Challenge has a foundation that is rooted in research.  In each city, the challenge team conducts and ethnographic study; a type of qualitative research such as in-person interviews, intercepts and ride alongs; led by local design researchers who witness the firsthand experience of the people and their point of view on mobility and transportation experiences.

“I will drive people and fill in the gaps for them to connect them to public transportation.” – Chad*

“Rideshare changed a lot of the culture in Miami. Cabs were never an affordable option. It had a big impact because Miami is car reliant.” – Lisa*

Learn more about the everyday travel experiences and interesting narration about the journeys of Miami residents in the “Miami-Dade Community Stories”. These thought-provoking stories help us understand the city and its people better. We encourage you to use this opportunity to contribute stories of your own or your friends to connect the missing dots in the city’s mobility scene. New, inspiring mobility solutions emerge when people with different experiences and perspectives on common issues and opportunities collaborate!

“The point of cities is multiplicity of choice”- Jane Jacobs

Join us to build the Miami-Dade of Tomorrow that is designed for the people by the people.

-Anuja | designer | architect

*Name has been changed to protect individual’s identity.

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Anuja, What a great case study for the human side of mobility. Hi, I’m Wilda, one of the community facilitators here. I enjoyed reading your post as I found it refreshingly real. During the first MIAMI Community Working Sessions we discussed the importance of making inclusion the center of the conversation. Hearing about the different perspectives on the challenges residents face expanded our ideas to create solutions for the different types of riders AND roaders! Thank you for sharing!