Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

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Austin bustles with live music, delicious food and beautiful green space, but what really makes Austin stand out is its people with their “can do” attitude, eagerness to solve challenges and strong commitment to community. In our work at the City of Austin, we are always looking to understand and improve the lives of our community and constantly seek innovative ways to do so.

I am so pleased to welcome City:One to Austin. At the Austin Transportation Department, we seek to provide the most safe, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable roadway, bikeway, walkway and transit system for our community so that residents can get to where they want to go when they want to get there, whether to see a doctor or visit a museum. This is all in service to the belief that every Austinite should have a fair opportunity to live a long, healthy, and meaningful life.

Our participation in the City:One Challenge is an exciting step for us, because we believe that community and technology are two crucial pieces that must come together for powerful solutions. The Austin Transportation Department developed a Smart Mobility Program to demonstrate, pilot, and prove new mobility solutions in collaboration with the private sector. The department also devised innovative policies and programs to maximize the benefits of shared micromobility services, such as dockless bike and scooters. These solutions enhance the transportation network by meeting community needs, such as providing first-/last-mile connections to public transportation, employment and education.

Everyone can play a part in the City:One Challenge process. City:One will help us delve deeper into the context of our neighborhoods and communities to help us tailor mobility solutions that address unique community challenges. We are designing for people who face real challenges, so to create valuable solutions, we must first understand the experiences of our community. The personal stories and experiences of the people of Austin will shape this Challenge and ultimately the ideas that come out of it. 

Our spirit of innovation and desire to engage prove that together we can work to continually improve our city.  We can use the best ideas from our communities, refine them, and forge a path forward. With collaboration, we can increase access, opportunity, and reliability, creating a future that is better for all—in Austin and across the world.

Jason JonMichael

Assistant Director, Austin Transportation Department

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Excellently written post! Thank you for your work!