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At roughly 400 square miles, Indianapolis is one of the largest cities in the United States. That’s about the same land area as San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Miami, and Pittsburgh combined. This large geographic space can lead to tensions when thinking about all of the different neighborhoods and environments where a particular mobility solution might be best fit. Over the course of the Explore Phase, we brought the data science power of Ford Mobility to bear by conducting a detailed neighborhood segmentation and accessibility simulation to try to begin to better understand the diversity of environments and people across Indianapolis.

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Austin bustles with live music, delicious food and beautiful green space, but what really makes Austin stand out is its people with their “can do” attitude, eagerness to solve challenges and strong commitment to community. In our work at the City of Austin, we are always looking to understand and improve the lives of our community and constantly seek innovative ways to do so.

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As Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, the history of Corktown speaks for itself. The area has always been rich in its diversity of businesses and residents as well as offering a strong artistic and entrepreneurial spirit. These characteristics have made Corktown an attractive place to live, work, and play, which is one of the reasons Ford Motor Company selected the Michigan Central Station as the location for its new mobility campus, where employees will determine the future of the auto industry.

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Over the last two weeks, the City of Tomorrow Challenge team has been reviewing over 100 Grand Rapids applications looking at ways to improve how people move around the city. Take a look at the 12 semi-finalists that made it through.

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From late July through early September 2018, four community workshops were held in Pittsburgh to create awareness of The City of Tomorrow Challenge and engage community members in ideation activities related to mobility in the region. While it was apparent that our work was cut out for us, our intention was also clear: bring humanity to mobility.

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Over the last two weeks, the City of Tomorrow Challenge has been reviewing over 130 Miami-Dade applications looking at ways to improve walking, driving, bussing, biking, parking, and even flying. Take a look at the 14 semi-finalists that made it through.

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We are all on a journey. A journey for a better tomorrow where greenhouse emissions are not challenging our planet. Where traffic jams and car crashes are a thing of the past. And where lost time in traffic now becomes time for new experiences.

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