Join us to participate in the upcoming 2019 City:One Challenge. 

What we believe

Mobility has an incredible impact on a person’s ability to live a healthy life. We recognize that Austin's eastern neighborhoods are changing, which is impacting Austinites' ability to get to the doctor's office, grocery stores, recreational areas and other locations that promote a healthy lifestyle.

The East Austin of tomorrow makes this movement between healthy locations simple and affordable. To create a mobility system that works for everyone, the City:One Austin Challenge puts residents at the center of the conversation to help understand the barriers that keep the city and its residents from reaching their healthy living aspirations today.

We aim to

Through the City:One Austin Challenge, residents will work with the private and public sectors to identify unmet transportation needs, will collaborate on identifying solutions that address those needs, and help select up to two pilot projects to share up to $100,000 in funding to launch their idea – all to increase access to healthy living in Austin’s eastern neighborhoods.

Right now, we're in the Explore phase, so we want to hear your experiences related to accessing healthy living in East Austin. By clicking the “Participate" button below, you can share your stories, questions, experiences, or inspiration related to mobility and healthy living in Austin!

If you're interested in participating in our Survey to identify opportunities for mobility in Austin, you can find it at this link:

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